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The Toolbox


Get the Consumer Food Safety Educator Evaluation Toolkit
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A participant evaluation form you can use to evaluate educational presentations (e.g. – workshop, class, training, or Webinar) [adapted 2].

[Insert name of organization/activity and logo]

Participant Evaluation Form

How much do you agree or disagree with the items below:

Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
1. The [INSERT program/activity] lived up to my expectations.
2. The [INSERT program/activity] taught me about food safety and [INSERT program/activity topic].
3. The information I learned in the [INSERT program/activity] was useful and relevant to me.
4. I feel confident that I can apply what I learned when [INSERT behavior – e.g. cooking or grocery shopping].
5. I plan to apply what I learned when [INSERT behavior – e.g. cooking or grocery shopping]
6. The presenter was knowledgeable and engaging.
7. I plan to share what I learned with friends and family.
  1. What part of the [INSERT program/activity] was most interesting or useful to you?
  1. How would you rate the [INSERT program/activity] overall?
    ___Excellent                            ___Good                            ___Average                       ___Poor                   ___Very poor
  1. How would you improve the [INSERT program/activity]?
  1. Are you the main food preparer in your household? Yes  No
    If yes, how many people live in your household?  #_____
  1. Any additional comments?

Thank you!


Participant Evaluation Form – Docx


Participant Evaluation Form – PDF

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